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CHAI aims to promote health and wellbeing across the life-course with a specific focus on older adults locally and globally

Our Goals

Expand the health span by promoting equity and social justice where we work, live, and play.

Systematically dismantle discrimination with a focus on ageism, racism, sexism, and as it intersects with other forms of oppressing prejudice.
Maximize the promise of intergenerational cohesion and relationships
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We do this by


Conducting state of the art science...


and nurturing emerging




Building partnerships with the community

Our Team

Ernest Gonzales, PhD, MSSW

Associate Professor

MSW Program Director

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Suzanne E. England

Professor at Silver School of Social Work

Rachel Kruchten

MSW/MPH Candidate

Research Associate

Deborah K. Padgett, PhD, MPH, MA

Professor, McSilver Faculty Fellow, Affiliated Faculty, Department of Anthropology and College of Global Public Health

Gerri K. Connaught, LMSW

PhD Candidate

Joan Pastore, DSW

Professor at Silver School of Social Work

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Peggy Morton, DSW, MSW

Clinical Associate Professor

Cliff Whetung MSW

PhD Candidate

Dina J. Rosenfeld DSW, MSW

Clinical Associate Professor

Stacey Gordon, LMSW

Program Director at Next Phase Adult Caregiving and Retirement

DSW Candidate, 2021

Mashrafi Anwar

BSW Candidate


Research Assistant