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CHAI Intergenerational Initiatives

Intergenerational programming benefits everyone, from children to older adults, including families, communities, and society at large.


There is a great opportunity to achieve equity and social justice with intergenerational programming.

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NYC Intergenerational Working Group

With the support of the Eisner Foundation, CHAI has partnered with organizations across NYC to form a working group made up of other leaders from these organizations. We unite around the need to systematically and collaboratively address intergenerational programming challenges and opportunities locally and nationally

Policy & Advocacy

NYU's Center for Health and Aging Innovation undertakes policy & advocacy work at the city, state, and national level for the advancement of intergenerational programming. You can explore this work on our Publications page or connect with our team to learn more. 

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Healthy Aging Specialization

In 2023, CHAI launched the Healthy Aging Specialization at the NYU Silver School of Social Work to build a strong cadre of social work scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and advocates to increase opportunities for health and longevity for individuals and society.

Home Sharing Program

Intergenerational Home Share Program has a core value of intergenerational cohesion, bringing together different generations to foster relationships and create understanding. Our program aims to promote the affordability of higher education, equity among a growing diverse population, and to facilitate social connections with the next generation of NYU students.


Social Media

CHAI uses social media to build awareness about and enthusiasm for the power and impact of intergenerational approaches and solutions, including  uplifting organizations leading this work. We are always seeking content to promote about inclusive intergenerational initiatives.

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