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CHAI at NYU is recruiting adults age 60+ to join a cohort of intergenerational home share hosts. Our program makes intergenerational home share matches between adults with a spare room and NYU graduate students. Our program aims to promote equity among a growing diverse population and to facilitate social connections with the next generation of NYU students. We believe that forging relationships across generations opens us all to greater wellbeing ranging from improved health outcomes to strengthened social connections.


Becoming a home share host through CHAI offers the potential to mentor an NYU graduate student and contribute to social good by relieving students of housing insecurity. Our cohort of hosts will have opportunities to connect with each other at outings to museums, lunches, and theater events designed to foster a sense of community.

As a home share host, you are able to determine what financial contribution feels appropriate for a student to contribute toward household expenses. 

We are excited to re-share this video testimonial from the New York Foundation of Senior Citizens, which showcases the variety of motivations for intergenerational homesharing and the benefits to all involved! Learn more about Trinna and her homesharing experience!

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