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Meet Our Students

A Bit About Me


Camila A.

1st Year MFA student

lives with her host in Queens

Camila's program + study interests:

Camila's "Fun Fact":

I always need some sweet thing to eat (like cookies or brownies) whenever I have a coffee.
I love writing poems and short stories. I also

have fun painting and watching movies. 

What made you interested in doing an intergenerational home share? 

I believe I can always learn new things and also love hearing stories so I felt this was the right spot for me.

Our students are focused, mature, driven

NYU graduate students are a vibrant and diverse community deeply committed to their studies. They come from nearly every state and 133 countries, providing an environment of intellectual and cultural enrichment.


These students come from various departments (Wagner School of Public Service, Tandon School of Engineering, School of Law), each studying a meaningful aspect of medicine, art, science, and social good. Each value community and cultivating social connectedness. Our graduate students are focused, mature, and driven. We are excited to match even more students so they can start their futures at NYU and in NYC.

Alison Y. 

1st Year MPH Epidemiology Student

lives with her host in Manhattan

How Alison spends her free time:

What made her interested in Intergenerational Home Sharing: 

In an undergraduate public health course, I wrote a brief paper about an intergenerational home share program in California when we were discussing affording housing initiatives.  I thought it was a really creative idea and loved the companionship pieces so I kept that in mind as I applied to grad schools in big cities. As an only child, I spent most of my childhood around older adults and in high school was comfortable volunteering in the community at places that primarily served seniors. Moving from midwest suburbia to NYC, I was intimidated to live alone and was also appreciative of the cheaper rent so it seemed like a wonderful fit. 


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