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Healthy Aging Specialization

The Healthy Aging Specialization at NYU Silver aims to build a strong cadre of social work scholars,  practitioners, policymakers, and advocates to maximize opportunities for health and longevity for individuals  and society. Students will gain expert understanding of aging in the United States, policies and programs  that impact diverse populations, and an introduction to global aging and cultural contexts.

All students will  gain foundational and advanced understanding of theories, research, policies, and programs that bring  younger and older generations together to solve critical issues, such as ending ageism and other forms of  prejudice; social isolation; housing and economic security; and mental health. Another unique feature is  that students gain a strong foundational understanding of key concepts in child and youth development  (e.g., trauma informed practice).

Students will learn about the unique needs and effective modes of social  work practice grounded in theory and evidence to use with individuals, families, and groups across the  lifespan. Across these courses, intergenerational theories, critical race theory, intersectionality, standpoint  theory, anti-oppressive practices, and social justice are the hallmarks of the Silver curriculum to work  competently and with humility across communities. 

There are 6 components:

Academic Courses

We offer courses that bolster knowledge in aging and intergenerational theories, research,  policies, and programs.

 Practicum Placements

In their second year of the Specialization, students are placed at organizations with an emphasis on aging and/or intergenerational practice.


Four (4) annual seminars are designed to introduce students to experts in the field and to expand their social network.


Leading scholars and practitioners in the area of intergenerational programming mentor these students to expand their knowledge, social capital, and cultural awareness.


Capstones will span theoretical conceptualizations of a project to real-world demonstrations of a project that a student completes while at Silver. 


We are able to offer student stipends with the generous support of The Eisner Foundation to critically reflect on intergenerational relations in their social work

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